RICO, clergy abuse, U.S. Catholic Church

This is from Tuesday’s office of readings; “From the pastoral constitution on the Church in the modern world of the Second Vatican Council”.  It says “Indeed, it is the duty of all God’s people, with bishops giving the lead by word and example, to do all in their power to relieve the suffering of our times,…” Okay, I get that it is about physical poverty but what about spiritual poverty?  Have the bishops been lax in relieving suffering? In fact haven’t they aided and abided evil sometimes even causing suffering? Young people, seminarians and others, when there is a very large power differential, have been made to suffer even by bishops. Instead of relieving suffering the bishops caused it.  The same can be said for all of the bishops who cooperated with the evil of clergy abuse.  You know the cry from them is, ‘we didn’t know, we were told they could be cured.’  But what happened to non-clergy who abused, were they moved around, were they disciplined or were they fired?

This is from the same reading: “This scandal must be removed from among men, for the glory of Christ’s Church and its testimony to the world are the spirit of poverty and the spirit of love.”  Once again I understand that this was written about the physical poverty in the world but it really does apply to the current sex scandal both the fact that it happened and should never have and the way victims and their families have been treated by the men in the Church. Christ’s love in the handling of this scandal has been sorely lacking.

There are a plethora of people in the Church, laity, bemoaning hearing about this scandal again and they cannot connect this sin with themselves. The sin does effect all of us. The people who are griping today had parent’s and grandparent’s who sacrificed mightily to build these edifices that could very possibly be taken by the government.

I might have a different attitude regarding clergy abuse if I hadn’t been abused. If the federal investigations into the Church sex scandal in the USA rise to the level of RICO violations the Church in the USA could loose its tax exempt status and could also have all of its assets seized.  I say good, you reap what you sew. Of course this will effect me in ways unseen and it could be very unpleasant.  So be it.  (I can say that now because it’s only in theory.  Actuality may be different.)  All of this will probably get worse.  Remember that the bad stuff is not from God. We need to cling to God.


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RICO, Abuse, You reap what you sew.

It does seem like the Church in the United States is/will be under federal investigation for violation of RICO statutes stemming from all of the sexual abuse by priests and the subsequent coverup by bishops and their staffs.

You reap what you sew.


(For the record this does feel like a kick in the head to me, not the RICO investigation but the sexual abuse aspect.)

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Darkness will never win

Darkness versus Light.  Even though it does seem that in our present age that darkness has not only infiltrated every corner of the world; political, religious, social but that darkness is winning.  Darkness will never win, God will not allow Darkness to win. Since God is the burning light of truth it will always be the truth, the light, that wins.

As I often tell parishioners, we may not see it in our lifetimes but God always wins. It does often seem that we are on the precipice of disaster but then we must define disaster.  Is it a disaster that currently eight states; New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Vermont, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Nebraska and New Mexico are calling for investigations of the Catholic Church and the cover-ups involving sex abuse? I think it is God shining light in the darkness.  Is it a disaster that a group of wealthy Catholics is bankrolling a study of the cardinals from around the world to see how involved they are in corruption and cover-ups of sexual abuse…how many have turned a blind eye to actively homosexual clergy?   I think it is God shining light in the darkness. There are myriads of examples and some of them have bishops and clergy running scared.  Is that a disaster? I don’t think so. I think it is God shining light in the darkness. 

When we, the ordained, we are  lowly deacons, (said tongue firmly in cheek), we knew that we would have to commit to being celibate for the rest of our lives.  What does that mean? It means we won’t marry.  Along with celibacy is chastity, no genital sexual expression, with anyone…ever.

It is very different for a priest to fall as he’s struggling with chastity but something completely different to disregard celibacy/chastity and live a double life both embracing some sort of sexual expression with another and projecting that you are living the single solitary life of a priest. The two cannot be reconciled.  It does not matter if it is a woman or a man, it is not allowed.  (Ignoring that sexual expression between men is disavowed by the Church, as is any sexual expression between an unmarried man and woman.) If the ‘fall’ is with someone underage then it too is a monumental problem.

Is the the next scandal, priests, their concubines along with their illegitimate spawn????  The light will win! The truth will win! God will win, God always does.


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immigration and climate change will never be more important than the homosexual predation by clergy in the Catholic Church

There are some people in the laity that are acting very much like the bishops.  When I say that I mean that they choose to be tone deaf and operate from that tone deaf consciousness. When children don’t want to hear something they put their fingers in there ears and keep repeating la, la, la, la, la, la loudly. Or you can use as your example the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.  They are ways to avoid the current ugly reality of homosexual clergy abuse in the Church at this time.

This is the biggest scandal in our Church since the protestant reformation. As of today there are 10 states in the USA with attorney generals who want an investigation of diocese and or archdiocese to determine the extent of sexual abuse and cover-up in their states. TEN. Pennsylvania has already done an investigation, so make it 11.

What is it that a lot of bishops, archbishops and cardinal archbishops want? They want for everyone to stop talking about it so it will fade away and then they can get back to business as usual.  Contrary to what Blaise Cardinal Cupich will tell anyone who will listen; immigration and climate change will never be more important than the homosexual predation by clergy in the Catholic Church. I am sure that the victims of such men are insulted by his saying so.

Some laity and bishops are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling to one another, “‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not weep.’ Since the clergy will not clean up this mess it is up to the laity. I take no comfort in people who do not listen, do not understand and do not grasp the gravity of this situation. They are singing one of Zion’s songs to their captures.

It has been suggested that people will stop going to church if this is talked about continuously. My response; SO.  If you are not at mass for the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ in the Eucharist then you are wasting your time and if you are there for the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ in the Eucharist then you would never give that up.

Like every scandal that has ever engulphed the Church this one too will pass and like all the other scandals this one will not engulph the Church totally. Maybe this is God’s way to separate the chaff from the wheat. Move abusers around you are chaff. Sexually abuse others you are chaff. Habitually break your promise or vow of celibacy which implies chastity you are chaff. Leave the one true Church over this scandal or speaking about this scandal you are chaff.  Chaff is gathered and burned.  Don’t be chaff.

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God judges intention of the heart so there is no darkness

…”He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and manifest the intentions of hearts.” That is from St. Paul to the Corinthians.  WE HAVE BEEN WARNED. The intention of hearts part is scary.  I met Archbishop McCarrick on several occasions. He was very charming. I have no money to promise him, so he wasn’t trying to charm money out of my bank account. My good looks have long since faded, so it is unlikely that he was trying to charm me into his bed. There is nothing that I have that he could ever possibly want.  Is his being charming a habit formed by all of his secret, and not so secret, desires for money and sex?   Can being charming become habit?

God judges intention. I know from dealing with my own bishop and his predecessor that words, like honey, can drip from their lips but they, at least with some priests, mean something totally different than what they say, or say things that betray their tone deafness or worse, in my opinion, ignorance.

It has been my experience that contrary to the New Testament; priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinal archbishops suck-up to the wealthy and/or famous and do treat them in a different way. I was once told by a layman to find out who are the wealthy people in the parish and become friends with them. Wow, a layman sees that as normal operating procedure for clergy.  Does the rest of the world think that? Maybe I am tone-deaf.

You don’t get to places of power and authority without being adept at playing ‘the game’. This is as true in the Church as it is in the business world. Sociopaths? Psychopaths? They play the game really well.  They often get positions of power.

Therein lies the problem.  If consequences for my actions do not matter to me and I never have any remorse for the bad things I do then I can move predatory priests around, I can molest children, seminarians and other men without worry. “You are my friends, says the Lord, if you do what I command you.”    These people ARE NOT friends of God.

In the breviary Psalm 37 is summed up in this manner…The lot of the wicked and the good. Then it quotes Matthew 5:5 ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’  Meek, not haughty or arrogant but meek. Where are those men? We need smart and meek.


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Sodomy, bishops, priests and the Catholic Church

I do understand that this is shocking, distasteful, scandalous and something that I personally never dreamt I would write about…but my hand has been forced and it is now something that needs to be discussed. With all that is going on in the Church about priests, bishops, cardinals and even implication of the pope about covering up for the dalliances of homosexual priests and bishops it is enough for a person to lose their faith. DO NOT ALLOW THIS SCANDAL TO TAKE YOU AWAY FROM THE TRUTH OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OR THE TRUTH THAT GOD HAS LEFT FOR US. These men and their seemingly compulsive actions are in no way sanctioned by God. For the record the word, “compulsive” in no way exonerates the guilty.

The word sodomy acquired different meanings over time. Under the Common Law, sodomy consisted of anal intercourse. Traditionally courts and statutes referred to it as a “crime against nature” or as copulation “against the order of nature.” In the United States, the term eventually encompassed oral sex as well as anal sex. The crime of sodomy was classified as a felony. Because homosexual activity involves anal and oral sex, gay men were the primary target of sodomy laws. Culturally and historically, homosexual activity was seen as unnatural or perverse. The term sodomy refers to the homosexual activities of men in the story of the city of Sodom in the Bible. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their residents’ immorality became a central part of Western attitudes toward forms of non-procreative sexual activity and same-sex relations.

I will share my fear. I am aware that this is a difficult subject to talk about, but we must keep talking about it. If it all blows over, as the guilty would like, nothing will change, and nothing will be done to give the Church back to the faithful.
Some bishops have abetted homosexual clergy activity, (which is against chastity), by moving them around and/or looking the other way. It is one thing, still bad, for a priest to be involved in sexual activity with another priest, (have I mentioned that it is still bad), and something else for a priest or bishop to be sexually active with seminarians, which is different than being sexually activity with someone who is post puberty but not a seminarian. NONE OF IT IS GOOD.

The investigations by numerous states attorneys into this activity will keep this subject alive. It should be kept alive. As horrible as it is and as horrible that it makes us feel we must cling to reality that it is God. We also must remind ourselves that the Roman Catholic Church has the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist; body, blood, soul and divinity. Please don’t ever give that up.

“Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you, all things are passing; God only is changeless. Patience gains all things. Who has God wants nothing. God alone suffices” Bookmark found in St. Teresa of Avila’s breviary.

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Pope Francis, cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests, Clergy sex scandal. God is not happy.

I hardly know what to say about the latest development in the Church in reference to clergy sex abuse.  Reading the letter written by His Excellency Carlo Maria Vigano clarifies so much.   It debunks the randomness of it all. There does seem to be a conspiracy to silence victims and protect abusers and enablers.

Now what? I’m not going to lie this is painful for me both as a survivor of clergy sexual abuse and as a member of the clergy. Some people ask where is God in all of this?  I truly believe that God is the one who has shone his light on this situation. “Cling to him. Forsake him not.”  And we need to pray, pray, pray not only for the Church but for ourselves, the pope and all the actors in this drama.  Doesn’t this all seem very Shakespearian?

Here is a small part of Psalm 9;

The nations have fallen in the pit which they made, their feet caught in the snare they laid.  The Lord has revealed himself, and given judgement. The  wicked are snared in the work of there own hands.

Of course the fallout effects us all…”Cling to him. Forsake him not.”



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