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Pope Francis, cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests, Clergy sex scandal. God is not happy.

I hardly know what to say about the latest development in the Church in reference to clergy sex abuse.  Reading the letter written by His Excellency Carlo Maria Vigano clarifies so much.   It debunks the randomness of it all. … Continue reading

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The extensive cover-up perpetrated by bishops, archbishops and cardinal archbishops, is a crime

Not speechless just sad… I am very aware that I cannot make anyone involved in the sexual abuse in the Church reject the evil that they have embraced. I am powerless to change the past. I agree that this debacle … Continue reading

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We can’t let sinners keep us from the true presence in the Eucharist

During 4:00 mass on July 28, I started my homily telling the congregation that I had a pounding headache, felt like I was going to throw-up and I wanted to cry. This was all brought about by the Theodore Cardinal … Continue reading

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