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The Catholic Church, The Eucharist, clergy sexual abuse

This just happened recently and I think, sadly, that it is systemic in the Church and probably systemic of other systems of worship, business and government.  I have a dear friend going through very tumultuous times right now in her life.  … Continue reading

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Bishop Robert W. Finn & his non-apology

“I will pledge both personally and in my capacity as a bishop to take every reasonable step to protect children from any abuse or misconduct perpetrated by clergy, diocesan employees or volunteers.” Is there a heart-felt apology there?  Is there … Continue reading

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bishops, Father Marcel Guarinzo, Eucharist, abortion, sexual abuse

I have now accepted the fact that bishops everywhere do not understand the effects of clergy sexual abuse on victims, their families and the Church at large.  They still fail to understand that the response to the diabolical revelations of … Continue reading

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