Name:   Reverend John Lunness

Reason for blog:   Clergy member as well as victim of sexual abuse constantly witnessing much hatred, blame and misunderstanding among other clergy members and also the faithful about this issue.   Since I’m coming from two sides of this issue I have something important to say to the haters.

2 Responses to About

  1. david clohessy says:

    great blog! tks and congrats!

    David Clohessy
    Executive Director, SNAP
    Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
    7234 Arsenal Street
    St. Louis MO 63143
    314 566 9790

  2. Thomas McFadden says:

    It nice to see a faithful Catholic priest caring enough to take the time to discuss this serious issue in the Church in a rational way. Unlike the SNAP organization which is using this crisis to force change in Church doctrine and practice because they disagree with Church teaching, Fr. Lunness is a faithful priest who loves the Church but hates sin not the sinner. Father realizes that the Church is our Mother who deserves our loyalty and prayers during this difficult time. God bless our great Holy Father Pope Benedict as he fullfills his role as Vicar of Christ is leading us closer to Christ and our Blesses Mother.

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